Face2Face Awards 2016

 Makeup by Amber Adams, Face2Face Awards 2015

Makeup by Amber Adams, Face2Face Awards 2015

It's almost time for the Face2Face Makeup Awards at the Beauty Expo Australia! I absolutely love being Creative Director for these awards... I get to make sure the themes are fun, the judges are amazing and the event is supportive, fun and all inclusive!

This year, we have once again grown as a leading Australian makeup competition with the best prizes yet. NOT that entering a competition should be about the prizes... it should be about challenging yourself as an artist, pushing your boundaries, getting out of any comfort zone and rubbing shoulders with all types of fellow artists in the industry.

NEXT MONDAY is the last day for you to register yourself into any of the five categories:





A few artists have written asking who the judges are.

I always hold back from announcing judges until the last minute as all judges give up their time freely to support the awards. Last minute jobs can crop up and judges can swap around... so I prefer to surprise everyone with who attends to avoid anyone getting attached to certain judges being there. One thing that never changes is the judges are always professionals you want to show off to! I call on all my favours and charm to get the best of the best to the awards to judge... and is nearly never a hard task... our industry main players know the value of supporting the industry on ever level... and judging is one great way to do this.

In saying that... today I can announce a few of our judges! Attending the Face2Face awards this year is (drum roll please ): 

Napoleon Perdis

For the first time at the awards, Napoleon Perdis will be judging our Beauty Editorial category with the winner of this category winning a feature editorial in the luxe Beauty print magazine LAUD Magazine.

Trish Lee and Thom Kerr

Thom Kerr, fashion photographer and creative director of LAUD Magazine ... and Trish Lee, Publisher of LAUD will be casting their vote on the best makeup application for Beauty Editorial, SPFX and Body Art... with all winners of these categories winning a Feature Editorial in a future issue. Oh, and I will be judging the Body Art category (of course).

Thom says about what he is looking for in makeup designs:

"I'm looking for the best balance between execution, context and imagination."

Martin Bray

Makeup Director for X FACTOR... Martin will be judging the Body Art category via skype in Barcelona. What a great world we live in that remote judging is possible!

Rachel Montgomery

Australian Makeup Superstar Rachel will be judging Bridal, Fashion Catwalk and Beauty Editorial. Rachel's advice for artists:

" How the artists work with the skin is important - perfect coverage but not heavy. I want to know how skilled they are with the basics... lashes need to be applied right! I am also (of course) very interested in how they interpreted the brief x"

Heidi Scarlett King

Makeup Director for Australia's Next Top Model 2016, Heidi is joining the awards for the first time to judge the Beauty Editorial category. Heidi's advice to entrants is to:

"Research!! Get inspo from lots of areas such as current trends in fashion, the latest Pantone colour forecast, look through aspirational magazines like Vogue Italia to all the smaller publications in between... Then create your own backstory for your editorial from what is relevant, current and shows off your talent." 

Meryll Faulkner

The Face2Face Awards would be incomplete without the appearance of the awards godmother, Meryll Faulkner. The artist who bought the awards to life, will once again judge her favourite category, Bridal. Meryll says:

" I have been thinking about all the many years of watching how people are on the competition floor... my little piece of advise is... If you have fun this will change all the pressure to become a pleasure. Dont wing it on the day, perfect your look over and over."

Some amazing industry people wanted to come and judge... but commitments have them interstate and overseas. They have, however,  left me with some words of advice for those attending:

Karissa Founder of THE LANE

THE LANE is one of the best bridal websites around... I am a huge fan and believe is the true essence of Modern Bride. A true expert in her field, Karissa curates the most beautiful bridal editorials and resources... it's a dream to peruse! Karissa would have loved to judge but is currently on assignment in NYC... but this is what she had to say to those entering the Bridal Category:

"Forget everything you've learned to perceive as bridal beauty through traditional wedding media. Don't buy into cliches of tight curls, meticulously sculptured up-styles, heavily concealed and powdered skin. Bridal beauty should be as individual as each woman, and like every occasion specific to that particular event and aesthetic. Draw beauty inspiration from runway, film, editorial, nature. Less is always more, and make sure there's juxtaposition always... extravagant gowns paired with barely-there, luminous makeup & beautifully unstructured hair with undone insouciance. Chic, simple, silhouettes with deeply tinted lips."


Body Art royalty, Emma Hack, will be in Melbourne for the awards and can't attend. However, the Adelaide artist and previous judge for the World Body Painting Festival says:

" Plan, sketch and practice. Your model is number one... make them feel beautiful and they will create another level to your art! Competitions are a wonderful way to meet other artists and create community, it will also help you strive higher and push your art further."
Emma Hacks new works 'Chinoiserie' are being shown in Adelaide: 3rd Aug - 3rd September... Queenscliffe, VIC: 13 August - 14th September... Hong Kong: 25th August - 13th September.



In Makeup Artist Bootcamp, I have seen all too often how much insecurity, doubt and shyness can run deep down in so may artists... Australia wide. SO why the hell would you enter a live competition? Here's why:

When you step outside your comfort zone... what happens is you show yourself that you are actually capable of so much more than you thought. That new discovery and confidence spills over and causes you to take new actions in your career that you may not have taken before. Even just the energy you put into the awards creates life in your career that wasn't present before and this can attract action. Quite like the phenomenon of updating you invoices and book-work magically attracts work enquiries. 

Most artists who arrive on the floor are nervous. One of my favourite parts of the awards is seeing the big boost every artist has once completing the competition. Like a new light has been turned on ... there is always satisfaction present.

The awards proudly allows anyone to enter. Why? Because the awards are about makeup skill... not about  PAST makeup education, experience or portfolio. I have seen 16 year old students blow the pants off more experienced artists in their application... it's all about what happens in those 45 minutes that matters. Amateurs, self taught, seasoned artists and students are welcome and its an even playing field. At the end of the day... it's a fun and supportive environment that I love. No one looses.  It's makeup skill and artistry that we celebrate.

Networking! This is a massive bonus. Some of my assistants have been past entrants... winners of past categories have gone on to work on films with Oscar Winners Damian and Adam from the Odd Studio... the butterfly effect of participating in the awards can be gold.


Places are available in all categories with Body Art and Bridal almost full.

If you are considering entering Beauty Editorial (photographic category) but stressed about the MONDAY 8th AUGUST 5pm deadline for registration... there is GOOD NEWS!!

You only need to REGISTER by next Monday... and photographic entries need to be submitted to the office by FRIDAY 12TH August... that means you have a week from today not 3 sleeps!!

Please make sure you read the Rules and Regulations on the Beauty Expo website. For Printing options... please email:

Awards Administrator
Elli Julia
E: elli.julia@reedexhibitions.com.au

Elli can recommend you a printer close to the Reed Office... in which you can simply organise your entry with the printer, pay, and Elli can even pick up for you next Friday. (You still need to register your name by Monday.)

For those who have mounted their submissions correctly (and PLEASE do so as it affects judging) you can send your entry to: 

Postal Address
Beauty Expo Australia
Face2Face Makeup Awards 2016
Locked Bag 7777
Chatswood DC, NSW 2067, Australia.

Courier Address
Beauty Expo Australia
Face2Face Makeup Awards 2016
Tower 2, Level 1, 475 Victoria Ave. 
Chatswood, NSW 2067, Australia.

Please do not rely on just this post for all the details... read the Rules and Regs on the website.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this year! Chookas to everyone who has entered... and if you are still considering... just blooming enter! Life only happens in this very moment. Swing Big!

Congratulations to all entrants and winners from last year... and here's to an amazing event in 2016!

 Face2Face Beauty Editorial WINNER Alana Mevissen

Face2Face Beauty Editorial WINNER Alana Mevissen

 One of my favourite moments of the 2015 Beauty Editorial Category - Ali Price

One of my favourite moments of the 2015 Beauty Editorial Category - Ali Price

 Painstakingly created by Beauty Editorial runner up Julieanne Edwards

Painstakingly created by Beauty Editorial runner up Julieanne Edwards

 Another of my favourite moments in the Beauty Editorial - Michelle Dube - SO ON BRIEF that Vogue online published this shoot after the comp (the brief was to create a story worthy of the pages of Italian Vogue)

Another of my favourite moments in the Beauty Editorial - Michelle Dube - SO ON BRIEF that Vogue online published this shoot after the comp (the brief was to create a story worthy of the pages of Italian Vogue)