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with Becca Gilmartin

THE GREEN BRUSH PROJECT started out as an 8 week Mentorship where Senior Artists were paired with Emerging Artists, armed with a curriculum to ran for two cycles. 

Long term working relationships were formed. Careers were strengthened. Unfortunately a small number of mentorships were unfinished which caused Becca to put a hold on any future Mentorships. Whilst pausing the project, Becca discovered a new way to maintain the original integrity of the project whilst also opening the benefits up to more emerging M.U.As. Becca combined her mentorship project with new artistry techniques she was teaching to form the MAKEUP ARTIST BOOTCAMP - now available as a live course or book form.

The Green Brush Project Story...

THE GREEN BRUSH PROJECT started in 2010 as a social media experiment by Makeup Artist Becca Gilmartin… since then, the Green Brush Project has evolved into a project that is of real value and contribution to the Makeup Industry. Mentorees of past projects have gone onto work on TV shows such as 'The X Factor' , have gained full time employment with their mentors and many have even launched new businesses. The main success, Becca Gilmartin believes, being the feedback from past mentorees saying the experience drastically improved their confidence, resilience and focus.

" The Green Brush Project started out as an idea... something I thought would be really cool to be around. I used to teach Diploma at a leading Makeup school and after years of seeing talented artists spend the first few years of their career getting lost - then a lot giving up... I then saw a need for a project like this.

I too was at a point in my career a few years ago where resilience and determination were wearing thin... and I had for myself my own mentor experience that was like rocket fuel for my career .The only thing that needed to change was my mindset about my career and for someone to arm me with few key tools of knowledge that would assist me in achieving my goals.  That was a turning point for my career. After a bit of work... I was confident enough with the knowledge I had to go for my goals! Within months I  went from being a Makeup Artist on the Gold Coast in some sort of 'survival mode'... to directing my first team of Makeup Artists for a show at Sydney Fashion Week. That experience led to the idea for The Green Brush Project which then evolved into MAKEUP ARTIST BOOTCAMP.

I am proud of this project for many reasons. I am proud of creating a space for support and knowledge sharing in this industry so that the very kind of artists that the industry needs are finding confidence and pathways to stay strong with their career dreams.

The Green Brush Project is now the publishing house and home to Makeup Artist Bootcamp. The G.B.P. also continues to serve as a growing resource for Makeup Artists.

I love this project with a passion."

In 2012 and 2013, The Green Brush Project was a sponsor for the Face2Face Makeup Awards at the BEAUTY EXPO AUSTRALIA and was host to the 'Makeup Super Panel' at Salon Melbourne. The Green Brush Project constantly works on building strong industry relationships and develop industry supporting events.